I am a designer, typographer, collage & stencil artist, bicycle restorer and pub philosopher from the North East of England.


I hold workshops in Street Art, Collage, Stencilling, Zine Publishing and Logo Design.
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I make fonts

and you can buy them if you want
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Stussy Pro

A handwriting font inspired by Sean Stussy's handwriting. Not to be used for counterfeiting t-shirts!

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Meld Bold Extended wood block type inspired font. Good for retro style headers and 'Wanted' posters.

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A wood block type inspired font in upper and lower case. Good for Victorian style theatre playbill posters.

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This font is based on a type stencil I found on the floor in a school in Duga, a town in the exclusion zone around Chernobyl.

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Tall skinny playbill poster font. It's like the opposite of 'Meld'. Good for when space is tight.

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A font which is inspired by letterpress type. Like the stuff produced from a Linotype machine, the most magical bit of machinery I have ever seen.

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